(product can with old change new)

A, outline 
Arrester hands in direct current parameter is electric power department the gate be right at execute in or new purchase arrester proceed a important test project 。 Is adapt to current test technical continual progress, satisfies ample high- potential test personnel new request 。 I company to inhere BC type testing meter do significant technology improvement, absorbs domestic and abroad same kind product’ s advantage, as practicality, operate flyaway, applicability Width waits for for design guide guiding principle .Should product at circuit in adopt linear photoelectricity isolate behind test, settle testing meter with system isolation, prevent to systematic affection and successful field will monolithic integrated circuit technology should be used for arrester testing meter in, accomplishes operation simply, tests precision high, is current a kind of quite ambition update product. 

Two, performance feature 
This product chief be used for test metal oxide (MOA) arrester proceeds test go on execute voltage under follow on current and resistance heft high peak current under executing state, comes up to at cut power match our company manufacture lowliness damage obstruct let dispart press utensil under condition, proceeds outside bestow test continuous execute voltage under follow on current and obstruct sex heft resistance high peak current and work frequently reference current come or go off work frequently reference voltage under power- frequency voltage 。 Out bestows proceed test direct current 1mA under voltage and 75% should voltage under leakage current and carborundum lightning rod direct- current conductance current test and its it electrical equipment hand in direct voltage leakage current test under direct voltage. 
This product test value meanwhile show (voltage worths, obstructs sex current worth, all current worth) and adopts reading of no avail disappear hide technology avoid reading mistake, current automatic expands measuring span decrease operation, and installs recite lamp house in monitor display, does not incur light affection, indoor outside door average energy in focus observation.

Three, chief technology parameter 
. 1. works power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz 
. 2. work environments: Temperature 0 -50 ℃ , humidity< 85%RH 
. 3. highest voltage measurements 
AC: 150KV 200KV Effective value 
DC: 150KV 200KV Mean value 
. 4. maximum currents measure 
AC: 0-2.000/20.00mA (crest value/ 2) 
DC: 0-2.00/20.00mA (mean value) 
I RP : 0-4mA (crest value) 
. 5. accuracy of measurements 
AC: Voltage, current ± 1%+ 2 A word 
DC: Voltage, current ± 0.5%+ 2 A word 
I RP : Obstructs sex high peak current ± 1.5%+ 2 A word

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