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Application advantages of lightning arrester wireless monitor

Date: 2021-02-15   Views: 1374

The wireless monitor for lightning arresters supports the Internet of Things. It measures over-voltage discharge current and leakage current, and communicates via a low-power wide area network (LPWAN), enabling customers to make informed decisions, thereby reducing substation and grid downtime and improving Grid reliability and reduce maintenance costs. It can continuously diagnose the equipment in use, record historical data of performance parameters, analyze the trend of events, and propose necessary corrective measures to keep the equipment operating effectively.

     Application field: Suitable for all types of AIS and GIS surge arresters in medium and high voltage networks; facilitate remote installation; retrofit existing installations, suitable for transmission line arresters.

     Advantages: through remote low-power communication, network security protocols, accurate discharge and total leakage current measurement, ambient temperature and humidity monitoring, one day from analog to digital, regular automatic data transmission, no power wiring, easy to install.