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Four practical significance of current UHV power grid in China

Date: 2020-06-13   Views: 1368

"In the past, the focus of attention was on the success of UHV. Now, when we have built and successfully operated the "two direct one crossing" UHV demonstration project, people began to pay attention to what role UHV could play. In April 19th, on the third China Power Development and technology innovation academician forum, Huang Qili, the honorary chief engineer of the Chinese Academy of engineering and the northeast division of the national Power Grid Corp, said that the four practical significance of UHV is being highlighted.

Has four practical significance UHV power grid

Huang Qili said, general manager Liu Zhenya at the third session of Chinese power development and technological innovation of the forum highly summarizes the four major significance, namely: UHV promote optimal allocation of energy resources, promote clean energy to accelerate development, to upgrade and build intercontinental channel equipment manufacturing industry, the four major significance include the practical effect uhv.

Huang Qili said: "China's western region with abundant energy, energy from many places to where the load energy is a reasonable way. For large scale long distance transmission, UHV technology must be used, which is the practical significance of UHV to promote the optimal allocation of energy resources.

Second generation power grid services to the centralized energy development, did not consider the dispersion of renewable energy. The third generation power grid based on UHV power grid, considering the situation of renewable energy grid connected from the beginning of design, is the practical significance of UHV to promote clean energy development.
Huang Qili said, third practical significance is the need for UHV synchronous upgrading of equipment manufacturing and UHV technology, which promotes the progress of domestic equipment manufacturing industry. The fourth great practical significance is to build a large channel for intercontinental energy transport. For example, the Sahara Desert solar resource development can be rich, and there can be sparsely populated, not so much power consumption, only allowed to waste. Now, with UHV, it can fully transport the Sahara Desert energy to the available areas to solve the problem of human energy utilization.

Subsidies for renewable energy generating capacity subsidies should be considered

For the development and utilization of renewable energy, Huang Qili said, the use of renewable energy is one of the future direction of development. The wind and solar energy that can be used in China are about 4 billion to 46 million tons of standard coal. If they are fully utilized, the fossil energy can be replaced equally.
Huang Qili said that despite the current situation, the use of renewable energy there are still some problems, but still should do everything possible to support the development of renewable energy. "The country now has a renewable energy fund of about 80 billion yuan a year, but the development of wind power is very fast, and this is not enough to support the development of wind power."

Huang Qili said, "state funding for renewable energy development often encountered in financing a project, the project is not healthy operation, still need to Everfount funding. In order to change this situation, it should not be considered only from the new loading machine. Because of the rapid development of some renewable energy production units, the capacity of electricity generation is very small. Therefore, it should not be subsidized, but the power generation should be subsidized. Only in this way can we promote the grid connected generation, and expand the investment in grid connected generation after the profit. We should form a virtuous circle and form an effective self rescue mechanism instead of relying solely on national blood transfusion. In addition, Huang Qili believes that subsidies for renewable energy grid should also include subsidies to Power Grid Corp. Power Grid Corp should make reasonable investments and transformation to adapt to renewable energy Internet access, which should be subsidized.
Distributed energy and UHV are complementary.

For relations, the development of UHV transmission and development of renewable energy by Huang Qili that they are in no contradiction. For now, the energy development needs diversification, an energy delivery way is no way to solve the energy problem, all so, to take centralized large-scale transport and distributed local production consumptive combination.

"I owned nine wind power base, wind power base in each 20 million kilowatts, less than 200 million kilowatts. However, our country's wind power plan is to reach 500 million KW by 2050, where does the other wind power come from? It can be combined with distributed energy. Huang said that the centralized transportation of energy is a road, and the other way is the distributed use, which is complementary.

Qili Huang also said that at present, China's remote areas and parts of the population without electricity. If the local wind, solar and biomass energy can be used, the problem of electricity consumption can be solved quickly through distributed energy generation.