Development and production of high-voltage electrical components

Changzhou Lead Fuan Electric Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Lide FuAn Electric Co.,Ltd (Original: NanJing FuAn Electric Co.,Ltd.WuJin FuAn Electric Power & Electrical Appliance Factory) is an enterprise who is specialized in developing and producing high voltage electric equipment. Our mainly in the production of online monitor of lightning arrester, lightning arrester discharge counter, voltage transformer neutral point harmonic elimination resistor, MOA arrester state management system and other products . The company is located in the west of ChangZhou that is in the south of Yangtze River, and dozens kilometers from the airport of ChangZhou and the railway station,the communication is convenient.


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  • Monitor report for lightning arrester
  • Detection report of a counter for lightning arrester
  • LXQ series voltage transformer neutral point harmonic resistors
  • JSH/JCQ type arrester online monitor
  • JS-8 type lightning arrester discharge counter
  • BLQ-2 type transmission line MOA lightning arrester specification
  • BLQ-1 type MOA lightning arrester Online monitoring management system manual
  • Detuning resistor detection report for 35KV neutral point
  • Detuning resistor detection report for 10KV neutral point