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Lightning arrester online monitor with high monitoring capability

Date: 2021-09-01   Views: 1603

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that can often be encountered in daily life. At the same time, it is in order to reduce its damage to buildings, home appliances and other products. Relevant departments will choose to use lightning arresters for necessary lightning protection work, and will install lightning arrester online detectors near the arresters, so as to have a good protection effect.

  When there is a thunder and lightning in the sky, the lightning arrester online monitor will limit the voltage on the device by releasing or bypassing the surge current, thereby preventing the current generated by the lightning from flowing to the ground. And the equipment will form a complete and real-time online monitoring and diagnosis system in this case, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the equipment.

  At the same time, because it can form a complete and real-time online system when thunder and lightning strikes, it also has a high monitoring capability. Therefore, the equipment is widely used in public substations, pole transformers and other public facilities to achieve the effect of protection.