JSH-4B lightning arrester online monitor

Installation and Use Instructions (Our products have passed the IS09001-2000 international system quality certification and can be exchanged for new ones)

1、 Applicable scope

JSH and JCQ lightning arrester online monitoring devices are online monitoring instruments for lightning arresters in AC high-voltage power systems. This instrument integrates a milliampere meter and a counter, and is connected in series in the grounding circuit of the lightning arrester. The milliampere meter in the monitor is used to monitor the leakage current peak value when the operating voltage crosses the lightning arrester, which can effectively detect whether the lightning arrester is damp inside or whether the internal components are abnormal; The counter records the number of actions of the lightning arrester under overvoltage.

The JSH-3 and JCQ-3 monitors are designed with pointer type action counters and digital action counters. The counter panel is large, making it easy to observe from a distance; A leakage current warning device composed of light-emitting tubes has been added, which more clearly reminds patrol personnel to pay attention and observe at night. Small size, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation; The JCQ-3 external measurement plug allows for convenient series connection of the measuring instrument to the leakage current circuit. For example, it can be connected to the central control room through a cable for centralized monitoring, or it can be connected to a resistive current measuring instrument for online monitoring of the lightning arrester without power outage.

The JSH-4 monitor has made significant improvements on the basis of the JSH-3 and JCQ-3 monitors. The shortcomings of the JSH-3 and JCQ-3 monitors are that in humid weather, the leakage current on the surface of the porcelain sleeve enters the milliampere meter of the monitor, making it impossible for the milliampere meter of the monitor to accurately reflect the internal problems of the lightning arrester porcelain sleeve when the leakage current on the surface of the porcelain sleeve is large. Therefore, some users use the method of adding a metal shielding ring near the porcelain sleeve base to introduce the leakage current on the surface of the porcelain sleeve into the ground to solve the shortcomings of the above products. The LSH-4 monitor becomes a treasure, and a milliampere meter is added to the monitor to increase the shielding. The leakage current on the surface of the porcelain sleeve collected by the ring reflects the degree of insulation pollution outside the substation, making the JSH-4 monitor more distinctive.

The JSH-4 monitor is equipped with a shielding ring made of stainless steel and a down lead with heat shrink insulation. The leakage current outside the porcelain sleeve passes through the metal ring between the skirts of the monitor porcelain sleeve and is introduced into the milliampere meter on the middle and right sides. The scale in the milliampere meter is represented by reflecting the conductivity uS of the pollution layer. It takes into account the creepage distance and insulator shape factors of the porcelain sleeves used by major lightning arrester manufacturers in China. The upper scale of the table is suitable for ordinary porcelain skirts, and the lower scale is suitable for size anti fouling porcelain skirts.

2、 Usage environment

1. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use;

2. Environmental temperature -40 ℃ -+40 ℃;

3. The rated frequency of the power grid is 50Hz or 60Hz;

4. There is no strong vibration at the installation site;

3、 Installation instructions (attached diagram)

The installation height of JSH type monitors should be appropriate to facilitate the on duty personnel to clearly see the milliampere meter pointer and the number of actions in the monitor.

The upper end of the monitor is connected to the bottom of the lightning arrester, and the lower end of the casing is grounded. When the fixed clamp or metal frame is grounded, the lower end of the monitor does not need to be grounded repeatedly.

The JSH-4 monitor is equipped with a stainless steel shielding ring and an insulated down lead. The shielding ring is installed about 3-4cm above the porcelain sleeve base. Through the equipped insulation lead, the shielding ring is firmly connected to the metal ring in the middle of the monitor porcelain sleeve. The insulation lead can be fixed on the down lead of the lightning arrester with insulation tape to prevent swinging during wind blowing.

4、 Maintenance and operation

1.When dust affects the observation of the glass on the observation hole of the monitor, a cloth or paper can be used to wipe off the dust. There should be no small water droplets inside the glass. If a large number of water droplets are found, it indicates that the sealing performance of the monitor has been damaged. You can contact our company or a subsidiary factory for replacement.

2. When checking the action counter in the monitor, a simple method is to use 110-250V AC power to place the monitor on an insulating material. Use one end of the AC power to touch the outer shell, and the other end to briefly touch the terminal on the porcelain sleeve. At this time, the counter pointer will move and touch again. If the casing is grounded, it is necessary to distinguish between the fire and ground wires of AC power, connect the ground wire to the casing, and the fire wire should touch the terminal. Another method is to charge the microfabric capacitor with an insulated shake table of 1000 volts or more, and then discharge the capacitor to the monitor. Every time the power is discharged, the counting pointer in the monitor should jump once. After a large swing of the milliampere meter pointer, it should return to its original position.

When using an external leakage current measuring instrument, first unscrew the cover of the external socket in the lower right corner, and insert a regular TV plug (with an internal hollow core) into the external socket of the monitor to connect the external measuring instrument in series to the leakage current circuit. After the measurement is completed, please make sure to tighten the cover of the socket.

After the detector is put into operation, observe whether the milliampere meter indications in each phase monitor are basically consistent. Require inspection personnel to observe and record in a timely manner. Once abnormal changes are found in the milliampere meter indication or individual phase monitor red light emitting tubes are on, they should be reported to relevant parties in a timely manner.

If on rainy or foggy days, the milliampere meter indication in JSH-3 and JCQ-3 monitors generally increases, and all red light-emitting tubes light up, it indicates that the increase in leakage current outside the porcelain sleeve is causing it. The JSH-4 uS meter has an indication. If it is within the green range, it indicates that the pollution is not severe. If it is within the deep red range, it indicates that the pollution is severe. Please clean it in a timely manner.

When there is a fluctuation in the operating voltage, the milliampere meter in the monitor will show a slight change, which is normal.

If there is a significant change in the milliampere meter indication of a certain individual monitor during operation, please refer to the following experience for handling:

(1) A lightning arrester composed of two or more components, in which one component has an internal defect and gradually develops, the milliampere meter indication in the monitor gradually increases. If it increases by 30% compared to the original value, it must be vigilant; If it increases by 50% compared to the original value, it needs to be retired in a timely manner, otherwise accidents will occur.

(2) If JSH-3 and JCQ-3 monitors are used to monitor single element lightning arresters, such as 110 kV voltage level lightning arresters, they are mostly composed of single element components. Once they are damp on rainy days, the milliampere meter cannot distinguish whether it is an increase in leakage current inside or outside the ceramic sleeve. The internal part of the single element lightning arrester is damp, and may not be able to continue until after the rain when a fault occurs. Suggest using JSH-4 monitor instead.

(3) If the indication of the milliampere meter decreases or even returns to zero, it may be due to a significant decrease in insulation of the insulation base or being routed, or it may be due to damage to the meter head or internal components of the monitor. By connecting an external leakage current measuring instrument to the monitor socket, the indication of the measuring instrument can be used to distinguish which factor is causing it.

5、 Packaging and transportation

The monitor is packaged in an exclusive foam plastic box for long-distance transportation.

6、 Warranty period

If the product is damaged or cannot operate normally due to poor quality within three years from the date of shipment, provided that the user complies with the transportation and installation conditions stipulated by our company and its subsidiaries, our company will repair or replace it for the user free of charge.

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