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One, overview Discharge counter is connected in series in a device used to record the lightning arrester MOA below the action times. Various types of silicon carbide and Zinc Oxide arrester discharge counter, supporting the use of my company production for 330KV and below voltage, use environment and lightning arrester is connected to the same.

Two, the use of the environment
suitable for indoor or outdoor;
the ambient temperature of -40 ℃ ~ +40 ℃;
the grid of rated frequency 50HZ or 60HZ;
the installation is not strong vibration.

Three, the circuit principle diagram

Four, the main electrical parameters

Five, test methods

With 110 ~ 250V alternating current, the discharge counter placed on an insulator, with the AC end touch on the shell, the other end short touch terminal porcelain sleeve. The counter pointer will move, touch touch. If the shell is ground, is the need to distinguish between the alternating current fire, earth, the ground shell, the touch terminal. Another method is to use and more than 1000 Volts insulating shake table to the microfarad capacitor charging, then the capacitor discharge to count. Every once electricity, counter counter should be beating a, milliammeter pointer swing back, back to the original location.

Six, maintenance and operation
1, discharge counter observation hole on the glass dust effect was observed when available, paper or cloth to wipe the dust. Glass cannot little drops of water, if there is a lot of water, the discharge counter seal is damaged, should be sent to factory to replace or repair, do not repair.
2, discharge counter is put into operation and run 1-2 years after the site for a simple test, to check whether the discharge counter can work normally, the specific methods such as the five.

Seven, the appearance and installation instructions
Product Size: middle 125mm; height 95mm

JS-8 discharge counter shape as shown in figure 1:

Discharge counter upper end of the wiring terminal arrester insulation bottom, fixing hole grounding shell.

Installation diagram shown in figure 2:

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