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What direction will the falling arrester in China develop in the future?

Date: 2019-12-20   Views: 1058

The country's falling arrester will develop in the next direction in the future:

* ultra high voltage and large capacity &nbsp technology and equipment; development of EHV and UHV electrical equipment is the urgent task of electrical equipment manufacturing industry.

* small and compact equipment   through product design, component miniaturization and complex function integration and application of new technology and other technical measures, so that the product has the advantages of compact structure, reduced volume, realize the miniaturization of products, energy saving, low consumption, reduce material. At the same time, it also reduces the area of the equipment.

* environmental adaptability, coordination and protection equipment   environmental protection has become the common concern of the whole society, the products not only have reliable operation, but also with the environment coordination, reduce or no environmental impact, including air pollution, electromagnetic pollution and noise pollution etc..

* high reliability and less (free) maintenance equipment   high reliability and less (maintenance) maintenance is an important guarantee for ensuring the power system and its electrical equipment and personal safety, improving the quality and efficiency of power supply.

* intelligent technology device   intelligent electrical equipment is two times of modern technology of electrical equipment. The one or two fusion is not only for online detection, operation status monitoring, analysis, judgement, control and protection, but also for intelligent (controlled) operation of equipment. It is not only to develop the intelligent unit, but also to develop the switch equipment suitable for intelligent measurement and control, and also have higher operational reliability and characteristic precision.

* strengthening equipment testing technology   electrical equipment is to ensure the safe operation of the power system is very important for power transmission and transformation equipment. The technical performance and quality reliability level of electrical equipment itself can only be evaluated comprehensively and scientifically through various tests.